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Some simple tips in order to maintain your door locks

Avoid Lock Emergencies by regular Checkups

A house is our haven, a place when we can feel safe and comfortable hence we want it as safe as possible. As we all know our doors and their lock system are the first lines of defense of our premises. Basically most of us rely on or locks to keep our house and our possessions safe from intruders. In order to achieve peace of mind, you should have your door and locks inspected by a professional locksmith. He will evaluate and assess the locks and finally will give you the right recommendations. But this is the last thing you will ever consider doing as long as your door locks normally, isn’t it?

In truth, most of us start worrying and decide to call a locksmith only if they face an emergency. Sad but true! Generally, people call an emergency locksmith 24hour when they encounter problems with their locks, keys or even worse after a burglary. Seems like people recall the importance of reliable keys only when something goes awry. Taking into account your safety it is definitely worth the effort of periodically maintain your door locks.

Locksmith 24hourHow to maintain your locks- important tips:

Like everything else, even our locks need a little maintenance after being used for a while. Following these basic maintenance tips will significantly improve the performance and longevity of your locks.
First and foremost inspect periodically your door. In order for your cutting-edge locks to work, you should make sure that your door is perfect conditions. Inspect if your door is properly installed and hasn’t come off the hinges. For instance, a sagging door could put pressure on the lock and cause it to stop working altogether. Therefore we have one tip only:
Call as soon as possible handymen to repair the door!

Secondly, it is important to lubricate once in a while your locks. Keep a water-based lubricant in your storage and lubricate your keys on a regular basis. When a lock is lubricated all the pins and parts can move normally and will not get stuck due to temperature fluctuation effects. – Although you can do it yourself we advise you to get professional assistance. A professional knows exactly where to apply the lubricant for best results.

Thirdly, avoid the bad and hectic habit of pulling the keys forcefully. This can put a lot of pressure on your lock and cause it to fail or even worse break. On the contrary, try to mildly remove your key from the lock with a slight wiggle, but never a forcefully pull. Change these bad habits if you want your locks to resist longer than 1 year or two.

Finally, Take care of your locks by cleaning them and by inspecting your keys. Your locks like everything else need cleaning with mild soap and water once in a while. So when cleaning or washing your front door do not forget your locks. Simultaneously, take care of your keys by using them gently and inspect them regularly for jagged edges and worn parts. If your keys are too old replace them immediately.

Overall, key, lock and door maintenance are vital in preserving our safety. But, of course, we understand that most of us don’t have the time to take care of these issues. Therefore, our helpline number 02034112027 would come in handy anytime you face a difficulty or a problem with your locks. We collaborate with a vast array of independent locksmiths. Just a single call and we will connect you with the nearest locksmith in your area. He will arrive to assist you in your emergency but also to inspect and maintain your locks.

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