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Locksmith southend – What are the advantages of a security cylinder?

The advantages of a security cylinder by Locksmith Southend

locksmith southendNowadays, there is occasionally a bit of confusion about a security cylinder, because different names are used for it, such as security lock or cylinder. When people talk about a security cylinder, in most cases we are talking about the part of the lock where the key is inserted. Burglars are big fans of this part of the lock. You might wonder why? We are happy to explain that to you. Because it is through the cylinder that burglars can break into your home. So it is very important that you invest in a security cylinder.

Why not a simple cylinder?

The answer is simple, an ordinary cylinder can be easily drilled out by burglars. Also, ‘lock picking’ makes it easy to open the lock. Moreover, a simple cylinder offers no protection against a popular burglary method, this method called ‘breaking off’. You can also easily get the keys copied by a key maker with a simple cylinder, this way anyone can get in. You would think that not many people use these simple locks, but nothing could be further from the truth. As many as 80 per cent of Southend residents still use a simple lock. You recognise a simple cylinder by the keys with teeth. But security cylinders can also contain a key with teeth. So it is best to have your locks checked by a Locksmith Southend, this way you will immediately know which locks are on your doors.

The security key

A security cylinder usually has point-drilled keys. There are also several advantages to a security cylinder. We just told you that a security cylinder cannot be drilled out, also this type of cylinder cannot be locked and cannot be broken off in most cases. The advantage to these locks is mainly that the keys are very well secured, when you have them installed by a locksmith you often get a card with them, this way you can be sure that no one can get a copy of your key made. Moreover, there are different levels in cylinder locks, for example, there are SKG** and SKG*** cylinder locks. The stars on a security cylinder represent burglary resistance, strength and durability. It is therefore an indication of protection.

Would you like to properly protect your home from burglars?

Security cylinders are a must when you want to secure your home against burglars. The external door in particular deserves some extra attention, but security cylinders are perfectly possible for internal doors. Moreover, you can make up several doors with one key, as with a simple cylinder. Do you still have questions about the different types of cylinders? Then contact us on Emergency Locksmith 24h to know more about our service. Call us!

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