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Emergency locksmith in Romford: What is a multi-point lock?

emergency locksmith romfordYou want a new front or back door, or you want to have your old locks replaced with new ones. What kind of lock will you choose? A multipoint lock? What exactly is it? And why would you decide it? In this blog, we will explain what a multipoint lock is and in which situations such a lock is a good choice for you.

What is a multipoint lock?

A multipoint lock is a cylinder lock that allows a door to be locked at several points at the same time. A ‘normal’ lock locks at one point in the door. Pushing up the latch or turning the key locks the door at many points at once.

A multipoint lock can be used on front and back doors of houses. The multipoint lock is milled into the entire length of the door. If a multipoint lock is fitted with an SKG cylinder lock, it offers even more security. To install one, you need a professional locksmith from Emergency locksmith in Romford

How does a multipoint lock work?

A multipoint lock works with one lock, but closes the door at three to seven points in one action. This is done either by pushing the latch up or by turning the key in the lock. In the first case, the latch uses locking hooks, in the second case, the key. With a multipoint locking system, the door is locked by locking hooks into a specially milled locking bowl in the door frame. This makes it practically impossible to force the door and requires the help of a professional from Emergency locksmith in Romford.

What types of multipoint locks are there?

There are two types of multipoint locks. The lock is fitted in the same way and works mechanically in the same way, only the control is different.

Lever-operated multipoint locking

With a crank-operated multipoint lock, you use the handle (or latch) to control the lock. Pushing the latch up will bring out the hooks in the door, which then hook into the frame. Such a door is often used as a back door, because there it is convenient if you can close the door smoothly from the inside as well as from the outside.

Key-operated multipoint locking

The key-operated multipoint locking is typically used in front doors. Here, you use a key to move the multipoint lock and hook the hooks into the frame.

Why choose a multipoint lock?

A multipoint lock locks in several places in the door frame and is therefore virtually impossible to force. However, it is important to fit the multipoint lock with a Pre-approved lock. This profile cylinder has permutation pins which makes piercing very difficult, if not impossible. If you then fit a core pull device and security hardware over the cylinder, your door is really maximally secured.

Another advantage of a multipoint lock is that a slightly warped door is automatically straightened when closing. As a result, the door closes properly, and you suffer less or no draft and noise.

Advantages of multipoint locking

  • Maximum security against burglars.
  • Operable with 1 key
  • One lock, so your door is not marred by multiple locks
  • Only one lock to operate, so you don’t ‘forget’ other locks
  • Multipoint locks are recommended by insurers.

Disadvantages of a multipoint lock

The biggest advantage of a multipoint lock is at the same time its biggest disadvantage: that all locking points are operated with one key. A burglar only needs to manipulate or force one cylinder to open the door. This is why we already stated that it is significant to accompany the installation of a multipoint lock with the installation of an SKG lock, approved security hardware, preferably with cylinder pull protection.

Disadvantage of the multipoint lock that is not controlled via the latch but by the key: if the lock turns stiffly, it can cause the key to break.

Maintenance of a multipoint lock

Multipoint locks need maintenance, especially if it is a key-operated lock. You want the lock to keep functioning properly to avoid having to use a lot of force to lock the door. Besides, if it is very stiff, your key may break off at some point. Lubricating the multipoint lock twice a year with a lock spray will keep it functioning optimally. Spray the agent at the latch bolt and hooks inwards. Then operate the multipoint lock a few times so that the lubricant is spread everywhere.

Installing a multipoint lock

Installing a multipoint lock is not a simple job, unless you have a prepared door and frame installed at the same time. If you want to install a multipoint lock on an existing door and frame, it is wise to have an expert do it. This is because fitting it is very delicate and requires very precise milling. The Emergency Locksmith 24h have advanced equipment for this. Via Emergency locksmith in Romford, you can quickly and easily find a skilled and experienced locksmith in Romford. Contact the Emergency Locksmith 24h now to get fast service. Call us!

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